Life Coaching is relatively new in the psychology and therapy arenas. It's uniquely different qualities compliment those professions and offers a needed alternative. Coaching is not meant to treat or cure any medical or psychological ailments or disorders. A Doctor or Therapist should always be consulted in those cases.

Counseling and therapy are clinical services that aim to uncover and diagnose why their client is failing to fully function, personally and socially. Coaching, gives people who just want to improve their functioning another option. Currently, the options are self-help programs purchased digitally or in book form. The systems in these programs seem to work great for the author, but might not be so helpful for the rest of us. A Coach is a real life partner and guide who works with you, to find a solution, system or process that's custom made for you.

“The truth you believe in and cling to makes you unavailable to hear anything new.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ― Pema Chödrön                                                                                      

Coaching's methodology is different in that the Coach doesn't use your past to fix your present. Your past history isn't utilized or even necessarily explored by the Coach. The Coach’s concern is where you currently sit, and what it is that's keeping you there. A Coach believes that our own innate wisdom can address our concerns. The Coach provides the key, but it’s the client who must unlock the door.

The coaching process can assist with anything from the stay at home parent wanting to relieve stress to the busy professional needing help with a project. From work/life balance to a company wanting to improve productivity. College Students can also greatly benefit from coaching, as they begin to face the daunting decisions that will determine the rest of their lives. Essentially, a Coach can help anyone with their personal growth and with any area of their lives that could use guidance or improvement. The process is immensely self-empowering, ultimately your success comes from you. The only requirement is a willingness to grow and an openness to the reality, that our own habit and behavior system is what keeps us from our full potential and authentic, sustained happiness.

We tend to see our world through a form of tunnel vision that is sustained by our habits, judgments, conditioning and ideas. Coaching asks that we widen the tunnel by honestly and openly looking at ourselves. This may require a pair of binoculars or even a microscope, but in doing so we break up stagnant thought and perspective. When that is shaken loose, you find a freedom that allows many possibilities that were previously hidden behind the stale few. In essence, a Coach guides you in finding your own answers and hopefully in learning to maneuver through life with ease and grace.

Most importantly, coaching is a partnership. You and your Coach are partners in you. You are the focus, the beginning and the end. You work together to achieve your own, resolution. Restore balance in your life and then attend to it.