How often are we on autopilot, completely checked out and everywhere other than where we actually are? How much of our lives do we lose? How much of it do we actually attend? What is it that causes most of our distress? Here's the answer to that last one, it's all of those “places” we go other than where we are, AH HA!

Mindfulness is the catch phrase for a new and necessary movement. It's a training component of Buddhism that has been used for more than 2500 years. In our modern time, it was realized that Mindfulness is not dependent on and does not belong to any religion or belief system and that it should be accessible to everyone. Hence the separation and the term “Mindfulness”.

The Attend Life process is a combination of Life Coaching and Mindfulness training that I call, “Mind Coaching”. Typically, Mindfulness training is a “one-size-fits-all” program that’s designed for mass consumption. Mind Coaching is instead, a personalized training program. Just like Life Coaching, your Mind Coaching program is created by you, the client. This makes the training and process easy to adopt and integrate into our lives.

The connection between Mindfulness and Coaching is surprisingly not often made. However, it is glaringly obvious, so much that they can't really be separated. Well, as much as you can separate two sides of the same coin anyway. You see, they both ask us to look inside and see ourselves in a new way. Both aim to breakdown our habits and behaviors so that we can see the vastness of possibility that lie in front of us.

While Mind Coaching can assuredly address our specific circumstances and individual problems, the process is one that targets the root cause of all "problems". It's about developing resilience and altering how we relate to those circumstances. Through methods like; conversation, contemplation, meditation and “internal focus techniques”, we learn to be content and at peace no matter the external circumstance.

Mindfulness is easily misunderstood and not often clearly defined. I'll attempt to better explain using a visualization exercise. Imagine for a moment that you’ve spent your life up to now running tirelessly on a hamster wheel that you didn't know was there. One day when you begin to slow down, the wheel comes into view. What's more, is that you can actually step down from that wheel. Cautiously, you take the step down and take in the view. In doing so, you are amazed to find that everything you needed to be happy and content were already right here. You just couldn't see it while blindly and endlessly trying to run from it. Mind Coaching helps you slow down, see the wheel and ultimately take that step down. 

Mindfulness or "centering" has many other seemingly “extra” benefits such as stress reduction and management. Would you believe that mindfulness is also a self-defense technique? As a Self-defense Instructor and retired Police Officer, I'm here to tell you that it is. In Law Enforcement, mindfulness is critical to Officer safety. Having a sense of presence, being alert and appearing to know who you are and where you are is a huge deterrent and preemptive measure. This is absolutely paramount to personal protection. As an added bonus, you'll trip over far fewer curbs while walking around staring at your cell phone. It just might save your life.

Photo by alexemanuel/iStock / Getty Images