As a retired Police Officer and a child of a large Law Enforcement family, I understand the unique nature of the job and the culture, from all perspectives. I am well equipped to help with the many facets and difficulties of the profession. This includes, stress management, family and relationship matters, time and pressure management, work/life balance and retirement. For the Public Safety profession, it is immensely beneficial that your coach understands you and the profession you've been called to do. This is especially true today, as doing your job and keeping it out of your personal life, has become increasingly more difficult.

For those who are approaching or have undergone regular or medical retirement, I have been there and understand the process very well. From the emotional to the tangible, I have lived through it and emerged better than ever. Through my experience and training, I have come to an understanding of “self” and how that plays a huge role in the difficulty of medical retirement and retirement in general. Public Safety is one profession that is intensely tied to our identity. When that is suddenly no longer there, the question of “who am I now?” is at the forefront of our thoughts and being. This is the cause of our hardship and actually, unjustly so.

As a medical retiree, you also have to contend with chronic pain, medication, surgery and the stigma of medical retirement. This stigma surrounding medical retirement and workers’ compensation is unfortunately still prevalent in the Public Safety and Medical professions. Retirement can be a difficult and solitary journey, but it doesn't have to be. Let a Coach who has been there, walk with you as you navigate through this difficult time. Along the way I’ll show you that “you” have never left. Actually, you've only just begun.

Sessions can be conducted in person or from anywhere in the nation via the web or phone. Get in touch with me through my contact page to take advantage of a free consultation and a Public Safety discount on your coaching sessions.