"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change."  

                                            - Carl Rogers


Eric Cogbill received his Professional Coach training through Erickson College (ICF accredited). He has also been a student of Mindfulness and Ontology for the majority of his life. Eric is passionate about Coaching and Mindfulness and believes fully in the incredible benefit that they can bring to everyone. This is especially true of their combination that Eric calls Mind Coaching. He continues to learn, train and improve his skill, knowledge and understanding.

Working with Eric is much more than a “point A to point B” linear process as he specializes in awareness based personal transformation. Eric knows personally that moving from a place of happiness and contentment, is vastly more beneficial than moving from a place of dissatisfaction, toward happiness and success. When we learn to operate from this space (even slightly) everything changes. 

Eric is uniquely qualified for the profession of Coaching and Mindfulness, his experience comes by way of varying and invaluable sources. Eric is a retired Police Officer, he served for 14 years in Patrol and on the SWAT and Sniper teams. As an Officer, Eric gained relative training and firsthand experience dealing with the many “problems” of life. This included specific training, actual field work, study and application of Sociology, Behavioral Science, Psychology and more. Eric will tell you that being an Officer is really like being a front lines, street counselor.

During his time as an Officer, Eric also owned and operated a fitness training business. That business became so successful that he ultimately decided to close it in order to have more time with his young and growing family. Though difficult, it was the right, “balanced” decision. Eric has immensely enjoyed being a husband and father for more than a decade. Though that is by far his favorite hobby, Eric also loves hiking, camping, nature and has more than 25 years’ experience in the martial arts. His time in the martial arts has provided him with knowledge and experience in Mindfulness/centering, meditation, movement and breathing exercises.

One of Eric’s greatest passions is the practice of Zen. As a Zen Buddhist, Eric trains and studies regularly with his teacher and Sangha (community of practitioners). Eric has received lay ordination from his teacher and also sits on the executive board for the temple. Zen is a way of life and has been described as a "way of liberation”. This path provides a means to skillfully wield our mind and in turn our life. Regardless of the unavoidable and ever changing circumstances of life, we can attend to it with a sense of peace and contentment.

Eric has also created a group called, Rivers Edge Mindfulness Group. The group meets regularly in order to practice together and cultivate awareness in our daily lives. River's Edge is a free, donation based group that is open to all who are interested.

During Eric’s 13th year as an Officer his life took a dramatic turn when he was forced to retire due to a back injury. This was one of the most difficult times of his life. Not only was he losing the profession he grew up dreaming about but it came with a host of emotional and tangible stressors including, loss of income, health care benefits, and potentially the loss of his home. Not to mention the chronic pain from a severe injury. This all brought a tremendous feeling of depression, anxiety and a loss of “identity”. Eric ultimately emerged better and happier in all aspects of his life. This didn’t come from his trying to alter life but rather how he related to it. This is an ability we can all tap into and Eric wants to show you how.

Through his varied and extensive training and experience, Eric has a unique insight into not only life but the nature of being, rarely seen in that of a coach, counselor or therapist. Eric’s coaching asks us to awaken within the life we are presently living. In doing so, we will learn how to live with joy and aliveness. We learn, to “Attend Life!”